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Manage Your Business From Anywhere!!


United Virtual Office presents the most convenient, affordable and hassle-free solution to operating business on-the-go. Days of renting an office are over, especially when a majority of your business is conducted elsewhere. For many, the buildings sole purpose is for daily tasks, such as bills, scheduling meetings and storing important files.


Let go of your receptionist (kindly of course) and terminate the lease today. If you’re on a budget, a Virtual Office is perfect. What’s more, if you don’t have an office (say you work from home) and aren’t looking to spend thousands a month on lease, staff and equipment, this opportunity is downright incredible.



United Virtual Offices 3 different services with 3 different price points.


1) The use of a business address for identity and mail receipt. 

You can use the address on your business correspondence such as your webpage, business letterhead and business cards.  You can then have your mail delivered to the business address and you then have two ways to retrieve it, if it's convenient you can pick it up yourself during normal business hours Mon-Fri.  If not, we can also forward the mail to you or even open and scan at some of our locations.



2) We offer two different types of phone service.

Auto attendant voice prompt service along with a live receptionist service with 24/7 coverage with a live answer that will either patch the call through or take a message and send it along via email or text.



3) The use of either a day office or conference room at any of our locations where you would be the hourly rate for the amount of time that you use the facility.